Shetland to Inverness via Wick / Cromarty

An escort for a few minutes - about 6 of them!
An escort for a few minutes – about 6 of them!
The restored Herring fishing vessel " Isabella Fortuna" Wick Harbour
The restored herring fishing vessel "Isabella Fortuna", Wick Harbour
A view astern on Tantina!!
A view astern on Tantina!!
Scurrying along the Coast Line
Scurrying along the Coast Line

The next stage of our journey began in Scalloway on our way South for the first time, heading towards the Scottish main land. The trip was fairly uneventful and we anchored on the Orkneys overnight before heading for Wick. Entering Wick harbour with 3 inches of water underneath the Keel ineveitably we touched bottom for a few minutes just on the spot that had not been dredged. However soon ashore and hungry went off for a meal, the next morning meeting the Harbour master who waived mooring fees as we were on a Charity for the RNLI. He arranged a tour of the “Isabella Fortuna” a restored Herring fishing vessel. Meeting with the Cox of the Lifeboat we duly got our forms signed.

Heading South the next morning with Naiad leading off first, we passed the Pentland Firth and headed towards Inverness. Stopping off at Cromarty where Neal was already ensconsed we arrived at 10.30pm and with some difficulty finaly got mooored up on a fishing vessel and then, desperate for a pint, managed to enter the pub on closing time!! However in the night, the tide , as it does, decided to send approx 8 knots of water scurrying around us. Most uncomfortable and we were glad to get out of there before entering the Lock system to the Caledonian Canal. At this stage Naiad and Tantina II decided to withdraw from the RBC, leaving me with no boat. I decided to stay a night with my brother in Nairn before catching the train and bus to Anstruther.

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I am now a pensioner.{ least said the better} I currently own a Norske 35 Gaff Cutter which I keep in Brittany France. Also I own a small Lune Pilot 12;6 inch also gaff rigged. Have spent many years on the OYT sailing vessel Alba Venturer based in Scotland and sailed my boat GRACE to Brittany in 1914
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